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Token Authentication


If you use a token for authentication, you must obtain the token and add X-Auth-Token to the request header of the IMS API when making an API call.

This section describes how to make an API call for token authentication.

Make an API Call

  1. Send POST https://Endpoint of IAM/v3/auth/tokens to obtain the endpoint of IAM and the region name in the message body.

    See Regions and Endpoints.

    An example request message is as follows:

    Replace the items in italic in the following example with actual ones. For details, see the Identity and Access Management API Reference.

      "auth": {
        "identity": {
          "methods": [
          "password": {
            "user": {
              "name": "username",
              "password": "password",
              "domain": {
                "name": "domainname"
        "scope": {
          "project": {
            "id": "0215ef11e49d4743be23dd97a1561e91" //This ID is used as an example.       
  2. Obtain the token. For details, see "Obtaining the User Token" in the Identity and Access Management API Reference.
  3. Make a call to a service API, add X-Auth-Token to the request header, and set the value of X-Auth-Token to the token obtained in 2.