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Log Analysis

Log Configuration

OBS Python SDK provides the logging function based on the Python log library. You can call ObsClient.initLog to enable and configure logging. Sample code is as follows:

# Import the module.
from com.obs.log.Log import LogConf
from com.obs.client.obs_client import ObsClient

# Create an instance of ObsClient.
obsClient = ObsClient(
    access_key_id='*** Provide your Access Key ***',
    secret_access_key='*** Provide your Secret Key ***',

# Specify the path to the log configuration file and initialize logs of ObsClient.
obsClient.initLog(LogConf('./log.conf'), 'obs_logger');
  • The logging function is disabled by default. You need to enable it if needed.
  • The log configuration file example (log.conf) is included in the OBS Python SDK development package. Modify parameters in log.conf as needed.

Log Format

The SDK log format is: Log time|process ID|thread number|log level|log content. The following are example logs:

2017-11-06 13:46:54,936|process:6100|thread:12700|DEBUG|HTTP(s)+XML|OBS_LOGGER|__parse_xml,188|http response result:status:200,reason:OK,code:None,message:None,headers:[('id-2', 'LgOKocHfuHe0rFSUHS6LcChzcoYes0luPgqxhUfCP58xp3MZh2n4YKRPpABV8GEK'), ('connection', 'close'), ('request-id', '0001AFF8E60000015F8FDA1EA5AE04E3'), ('x-reserved', 'amazon, aws and amazon web services are trademarks or registered trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc'), ('date', 'Mon, 06 Nov 2017 05:42:37 GMT'), ('content-type', 'application/xml')]|
2017-11-06 13:46:54,937|process:6100|thread:12700|INFO|HTTP(s)+XML|OBS_LOGGER|doClose,349|server inform to close connection|
2017-11-06 13:46:54,937|process:6100|thread:12700|INFO|HTTP(s)+XML|OBS_LOGGER|wrapper,59|listBuckets cost 56 ms|

Log Level

When current logs cannot be used to troubleshoot system faults, you can change the log level to obtain more information. You can obtain the most information in DEBUG logs and the least information in ERROR logs.

Log level description:

  • DEBUG: Debugging level. If this level is set, all logs will be printed.
  • INFO: Information level. If this level is set, logs at the WARNING level and the time consumed for each HTTP/HTTPS request will be printed.
  • WARNING: Warning level. If this level is set, logs at the ERROR level and some critical events will be printed.
  • ERROR: Error level. If this level is set, only error information will be printed.

In the configuration file, LogFileLevel is used to specify the log level for log files, and PrintLogLevel is used to specify the log level for the Console.