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Setting Bucket Tags

You can call ObsClient.setBucketTagging to set bucket tags. Sample code is as follows:

# Import the module.
from com.obs.client.obs_client import ObsClient
# Create an instance of ObsClient.
obsClient = ObsClient(
    access_key_id='*** Provide your Access Key ***',    
    secret_access_key='*** Provide your Secret Key ***',    
from com.obs.models.tag import TagInfo

tagInfo = TagInfo()
tagInfo.addTag('tag1', 'value1').addTag('tag2', 'value2')

resp = obsClient.setBucketTagging('bucketname', tagInfo)
if resp.status < 300:
    print('requestId:', resp.requestId)
    print('errorCode:', resp.errorCode)
    print('errorMessage:', resp.errorMessage)
  • A bucket can have up to 10 tags.
  • The key and value pair of a tag can be composed of Unicode characters.