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Website File Hosting

You can perform the following to implement website file hosting:

  1. Upload a website file to your bucket in OBS as an object and set the MIME type for the object.
  2. Set the ACL of the object to public-read.
  3. Access the object using a browser.

Sample code:

# Import the module.
from com.obs.client.obs_client import ObsClient
# Create an instance of ObsClient.
obsClient = ObsClient(
    access_key_id='*** Provide your Access Key ***',    
    secret_access_key='*** Provide your Secret Key ***',    

from com.obs.models.put_object_header import PutObjectHeader
headers = PutObjectHeader()
# Set the MIME type for the object.
headers.contentType = 'text/html'

# Upload an object.
resp = obsClient.putFile('bucketname', 'test.html', 'localfile.html', headers=headers)
if resp.status < 300:    
    print('requestId:', resp.requestId)
    # Set the object ACL to public-read.
    resp2 = obsClient.setObjectAcl('bucketname', 'test.html', aclControl='public-read')
    if resp2.status < 300:    
        print('requestId:', resp2.requestId)
        print('errorCode:', resp2.errorCode)    
        print('errorMessage:', resp2.errorMessage)
    print('errorCode:', resp.errorCode)    
    print('errorMessage:', resp.errorMessage)

You can use http://bucketname.yourdomainname/test.html in a browser to access files hosted using the sample code.