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What Is an OBS SDK

OBS Introduction

Object Storage Service (OBS) is an object-based storage service that provides customers with massive, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data storage capabilities, such as bucket creation, modification, and deletion as well as object upload, download, and deletion.

It provides super large storage capacity and is applicable to ordinary subscribers, websites, enterprises, and developers to store any type of file. As an Internet-oriented service, OBS provides web service interfaces over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Users can use OBS Console or OBS Browser to access and manage data stored in OBS from any computer connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Cloud service features flexible expansion and allows infrastructure to be deployed in multiple regions, while delivering high reliability. Users can deploy OBS in specific regions based on site requirements to obtain rapid access speed at an affordable price.

SDK Introduction

An OBS SDK is the encapsulation of RESTful APIs provided by OBS to simplify user development. Users can directly use API functions provided by the OBS SDK to obtain the OBS service capabilities.