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Asynchronous Method Call

API Description

All bucket- and object-related APIs provided by OBS PHP SDK can be called by asynchronous methods whose names end with Async (such as ObsClient->putObjectAsync if the synchronous method is named ObsClient->putObject). The returned result will be output to a callback function. A callback function contains an SDK custom exception and an SDK common result object in sequence. If the SDK custom exception is not null, the operation fails. Otherwise, the operation succeeds.

Sample Code

$promise = $obsClient->putObjectAsync ( [ 
       'Bucket' => 'bucketname',
       'Key' => 'objectkey',
       'Body' => 'Hello OBS' 
], function ($obsException, $resp) {
       if ($obsException === null) {
              printf ( "RequestId:%s\n", $resp ['RequestId'] );
       } else {
              printf ( "ExceptionCode:%s\n", $obsException->getExceptionCode () );
              printf ( "ExceptionMessage:%s\n", $obsException->getExceptionMessage () );
} );
$promise->wait ();

A result object (GuzzleHttp\Promise\Promise) will be returned upon an asynchronous method call. You need to call the wait method of the object to wait until the asynchronous method call is complete.