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Obtaining Bucket Metadata

You can call ObsClient.getBucketMetadata to obtain the metadata of a bucket. Sample code is as follows:

String endPoint = "yourdomainname";
String ak = "*** Provide your Access Key ***";
String sk = "*** Provide your Secret Key ***";
// Create an instance of ObsClient.
ObsClient obsClient = new ObsClient(ak, sk, endPoint);

BucketMetadataInfoRequest request = new BucketMetadataInfoRequest("bucketname");
// Obtain the bucket metadata.
BucketMetadataInfoResult result = obsClient.getBucketMetadata(request);
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getDefaultStorageClass());
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getAllowOrigin());
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getMaxAge());
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getAllowHeaders());
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getAllowMethods());
System.out.println("\t:" + result.getExposeHeaders());
// Close obsClient.

For details about values of methods, such as BucketMetadataInfoResult.getAllowMethods, see the CORS configurations of the bucket.