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Public Cloud Services

The cloud services required for deploying SAP HANA on the public cloud are as follows:

  • Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

    SAP HANA software is deployed on both ECSs and HANA ECSs. Specifically, SAP HANA is deployed on HANA ECSs. NFS servers, SAP HANA Studio, and NAT servers are deployed on ECSs.

    • In the SAP HANA cluster deployment mode, the NFS server shares its shared and backup volumes with all SAP HANA nodes.
    • A HANA ECS is a type of high-performance ECS.
    • For more information about SAP HANA Studio and NAT servers, see SAP HANA User Guide (Single-Node Deployment).
  • Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

    All ECSs used in SAP HANA scenarios have EVS disks attached.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    All ECSs in SAP HANA scenarios locate in the same VPC. They are isolated using VPC subnets and security groups for network security.

  • Image Management Service (IMS)

    Images are required for creating ECSs and HANA ECSs.

  • Volume Backup Service (VBS)

    VBS backs up the volumes attached to SAP HANA nodes.