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Queries Details About an Image


Details about a private or public image can be queried.


The token obtained from IAM is valid for only 24 hours. If you want to use a token for authentication, you can cache it to avoid frequently calling the IAM API.

Involved APIs

If you use a token for authentication, you must obtain the token and add X-Auth-Token to the request header of the IMS API when making an API call.

  • IAM API used to obtain the token

    URI format: POST https://IAM endpoint/v3/auth/tokens

  • IMS API used to query image details (Native OpenStack API)

    URI format: GET /v2/images/{image_id}


  1. Obtain the token by referring to Token Authentication.
  2. Send GET https://IMS endpoint/v2/images/{image_id}.
  3. Add X-Auth-Token to the request header.

    An example request is as follows: https://IMS endpoint/v2/images/33ad552d-1149-471c-8190-ff6776174a00.

  4. Refer to "Querying Image Details" in the Image Management Service API Reference for parameter descriptions and response details.
  5. Refer to Status Code for details about the returned values if an abnormal value is returned.