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Product Introduction

Image Management Service

An image is a template that provides information required for you to create a server or disk, such as an operating system (OS) or service data, and necessary applications.

IMS allows you to easily manage images. With IMS, you can use the public images provided by the cloud platform. You can also create a private image and use this image to create Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) in batches. If you need a Bare Metal Server (BMS), you can use a public image to create one.

Basic Concepts

Public image

A public image is a standard OS image provided by the cloud platform and is visible to all users. It consists of an OS and pre-installed public applications. You can deploy personal applications as needed.

Private image

A private image is an image available only to the image owner. It contains an OS, pre-installed public applications, and the image owner's private applications. Using a private image to create servers removes the need to configure multiple servers repeatedly.

External image file

An external image file is a template that can be used to create a server. The template provides information required to create the server, including the OS and pre-installed applications.