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Creating Access Keys (AK and SK)

When users who have registered with the public cloud call APIs or use SDKs to access OBS, access keys (AK/SK) are required for identity authentication and request encryption. This mechanism ensures the confidentiality and integrity of a request, and the correctness of the identities of both parties.

Details about AK and SK are as follows:

  • An AK is an Access Key ID on OBS. One AK maps to only one user but one user can have multiple AKs. OBS identifies users by their AKs.
  • An SK is the Secret Access Key on OBS, which is required as the key to access OBS. You can generate authentication information based on SKs and request headers. An SK is uniquely mapped to an AK.

In the following scenarios, you need to connect to DWS through a client or a JDBC/ODBC application to access OBS. Therefore, you must obtain the access keys (AK and SK) required for accessing OBS.

Creating an AK/SK Pair

Before creating the AK/SK pair, ensure that your public cloud account has passed the real-name authentication.

To create an AK/SK pair on a management console, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the DWS management console at https://console.otc.t-systems.com/dws/.
  2. Move the cursor to the username in the upper right corner and choose My Credential from the drop-down list.
  3. On the displayed My Credential page, click Access Keys.

    If an AK/SK pair has been created on the Access Keys page, skip this step.


    A user can create a maximum of two valid access keys. To create more access keys, delete the existing ones.

  4. Click Add Access Key.
  5. In the displayed Add Access Key dialog box, enter the password and its verification code and click OK.

    • If you have not bound an email address or a mobile number, enter only the login password.
    • If you have bound an email address and a mobile number, you can use either the email address or mobile number for verification.

  6. In the displayed Download Access Key dialog box, click OK to save the access keys to your browser's default download path.

    • Keep the access keys secure to prevent them from being leaked.
    • If you click Cancel in the dialog box, the access keys will not be downloaded, and you cannot download them later. In this case, re-create access keys.

  7. Open the downloaded credentials.csv file to obtain the access keys (AK and SK).


If you find that your AK/SK pair is abnormally used (for example, the AK/SK pair is lost or leaked) or will be no longer used, delete your AK/SK pair in the access key list or contact the administrator to reset your AK/SK pair.

When deleting an AK/SK pair, you need to enter the login password and either the email or mobile verification code.


Deleted AK/SK pairs cannot be restored.