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Creating a Table


A table is created in a database and can be saved in different databases. Tables under different schemas in a database can have the same name. Before creating a table, perform the operations in Planning a Storage Model.

For details about how to design a table suitable for services, see Best Practices of Table Design.

Creating a Table

Run the following statement to create a table:
CREATE TABLE customer_t1
    c_customer_sk             integer,
    c_customer_id             char(5),
    c_first_name              char(6),
    c_last_name               char(8)
with (orientation = column,compression=middle)

distribute by hash (c_last_name);

If the following information is displayed, the table has been created:


c_customer_sk, c_customer_id, c_first_name and c_last_name are the column names in the table. integer, char(5), char(6), and char(8) are column name types.