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Planning Data Export


Before you use GDS to export data from a cluster, prepare data to be exported and plan the export path.

Planning an Export Path

  • Remote mode
  1. Log in to the GDS data server as user root and create the /output_data directory for storing data files.

    mkdir -p /output_data

  2. (Optional) Create a user and the user group to which it belongs. This user is used to start GDS and must have the write permission on the directory for storing data files.

    groupadd gdsgrp
    useradd -g gdsgrp gdsuser

    If the following information is displayed, the user and user group already exist. Skip this step.

    useradd: Account 'gdsuser' already exists.
    groupadd: Group 'gdsgrp' already exists.

  3. Change the directory owner to gdsuser.

    chown -R gdsuser:gdsgrp /output_data