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Exporting Data


  1. Export data.

    INSERT INTO [Foreign table name] SELECT * FROM [Source table name];
    • Only a single internal table can be exported at a time. Multi-table join is not supported during export. Results of the aggregation, sort, subquery, and limit operations on a single table also cannot be exported.


  • Example 1: Export data from table product_info_output to a data file through the product_info_output_ext foreign table.
    DWSINSERT INTO product_info_output_ext SELECT * FROM product_info_output;
    If information similar to the following is displayed, the data has been exported.
    INSERT 0 10
  • Example 2: Export part of the data to a data file by specifying the filter condition WHERE product_price>500.
    INSERT INTO product_info_output_ext SELECT * FROM product_info_output WHERE product_price>500;

Data of a special type, such as RAW, is exported as a binary file, which cannot be recognized by the import tool. You need to use the RAWTOHEX() function to convert it to the hexadecimal format before export.