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Building the Sample Project

  1. Download and decompress the sample project code KafkaDemo.zip.
  2. Import the sample project code.

    1. On Eclipse, choose File > Import.
    2. In the Select an import source area, select Exiting Projects Into Workspace.
    3. Select the directory to which the sample project code KafkaDemo.zip is decompressed.

  3. Choose Project > Build Project to build the project.
  4. Export the new JAQ file.

    1. Right-click the sample project KafkaDemo and choose Export from the shortcut menu.
    2. Choose Java > JAR file. Enter the path and name of the JAR file to be generated.

  5. Replace the dms.kafka.demo.jar file in the KafkaDemo/dist/libs directory with the new JAR file. Run the newly built project by following the procedure in Running the Sample Project.