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Installing Windows drivers requires hardware devices. Use Dism++ to inject drivers into the ISO image file for installation. This method is different from the installation methods of other software, and operations in this section must be performed before those in section Creating a VM. After the drivers are injected into the ISO image file, use the ISO image file to install Cloudbase-Init and bms-network-config.

  1. Prepare an ISO image file matching the Windows version.
  2. Install Dism++.
  3. Download the .zip package of the driver.

    Log in at http://support.huawei.com/enterprise and choose Support > Software Download > Servers > Server Management Software > FusionServer iDriver > FusionServer iDriver V100R001C00SPC126. Select the driver package based on the image OS.

    • Windows Server 2012: FusionServer iDriver-win2k12r2-Driver-V003.zip
    • Windows Server 2016: FusionServer iDriver-win2k16-Driver-V003.zip
  4. Decompress the downloaded .zip package and obtain the ISO driver file.
    • Windows Server 2012: Decompress the FusionServer iDriver-win2k12r2-Driver-V003.zip package and obtain the onboard_driver_win2k12r2.iso file.
    • Windows Server 2016: Decompress the FusionServer iDriver-win2k16-Driver-V003.zip package and obtain the onboard_driver_win2k16.iso file.