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Configuring Cloud-Init 18.2

  1. Add the key-value pair no_ssh_fingerprints: true and ensure that it has a blank row before and after it.
    no_ssh_fingerprints: true
  2. Change the value of users to default.
         - default
  3. Change the value of disable_root to true. This parameter specifies whether remote login over SSH as user root is enabled.
    disable_root: true
  4. Add the value of ssh_pwauth to false or 0. This parameter specifies whether remote login over SSH as user root is enabled.
    ssh_pwauth: false
  5. Add the following content:
        config: disabled
  6. Add the following content after - final-message in cloud_final_modules:
    - power-state-change
  7. Modify the content under system info as follows:
       distro: sles
         name: linux   //Username for logging in to the OS
         lock_passwd: True   //True indicates that password login is disabled. In some OSs, 1 indicates that password login is disabled.
         gecos: redhat
         groups: [adm, audio, cdrom, dialout, dip, floppy, lxd, netdev, plugdev, sudo, video]   //(Optional) This parameter specifies the groups to which the user is added. The values must be groups that exist in the etc/group of the OS.
         sudo: ["ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL"]   //The user has all permissions of user root.
         shell: /bin/bash   //The bash command is used to execute the shell script.
          cloud_dir: /var/lib/cloud/
          templates_dir: /etc/cloud/templates/
        ssh_svcname: sshd

    The value of distro varies depending on the OS and can be slesrhelubuntudebian, or fedora.

  8. (Optional) For SUSE 12 SP3, run the following command to modify configuration item [Unit] in the /usr/lib/systemd/system/cloud-init-local.service configuration file:

    vi /usr/lib/systemd/system/cloud-init-local.service

    Ensure that the value of [Unit] is the same as the following:

    Description=Initial cloud-init job (pre-networking)
    # Other distros use Before=sysinit.target. There is not a clearly identified
    # reason for usage of basic.target instead.