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Converting the Image Format

Currently, only ZVHD2 images are supported. After obtaining an image file, you need to convert its format to ZVHD2.

Figure 1 Process of image format convertion

Step 1: Upload the completed image file (such as Redhat73.qcow2) to the OBS personal bucket.

Step 2: Register the image file uploaded to the OBS bucket as a private image (such as Redhat73). For details, see section Registering a Private Image in Bare Metal Server User Guide.

Step 3: Export the private image to the OBS bucket (specified format is ZVHD2, such as Redhat73.zvhd2). For details, see section Exporting Images in Image Management Service User Guide.

Step 4: Register the ZVHD2 format image in the OBS bucket as a private image (such as Redhat73_new).


The image format has been converted to ZVHD2 format in Step 3. However, if you want to create a Bare Metal Server using this private image, you need to complete the registered private image operation of Step 4.