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Error Code List

If OBS (compatible with OpenStack Swift) encounters an error when processing a request, a response containing the error code and error description is returned. Table 1 describes all error codes in OBS (compatible with OpenStack Swift).

Table 1 List of error codes in OBS (compatible with OpenStack Swift)

Error Code


HTTP Status Code

Moved Permanently

The requested resource must be addressed using a specified node. Send all future requests to the node.

301 Moved Permanently

Not Modified

The requested resource is not changed (since the last access or based on the conditions specified in the request).

304 Not Modified

Bad Request

The syntax of a request is incorrect.

400 Bad Request


Unauthorized. The authentication failed or the token is invalid.



The access was denied.

403 Forbidden

Not Found

The requested resource does not exist.

404 Not Found

Method Not Allowed

The specified method is not allowed on the requested resource.

405 Method Not Allowed

Not Acceptable

Not acceptable. The request may contain invalid parameters or headers.

406 Not Acceptable


This operation caused a conflict. For example, a non-empty container is deleted.

409 Conflict

Missing Content Length

HTTP headers must contain the Content-Length field.

411 Length Required

Precondition Failed

At least one specified precondition is not met.

412 Precondition Failed

Request Entity Too Large

The size of the uploaded data has exceeded the upper limit.

413 Request Entity Too Large

Invalid Range

The requested range cannot be obtained.

416 Client Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Unprocessable Entity

The request format is correct but contains incorrect syntax. Therefore, it is unprocessable.

422 Unprocessable Entity

Internal Error

Internal error. Please retry.

500 Internal Server Error

Service Unavailable

The service is unavailable.

503 Service Unavailable