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Upload Part - Copy

After initiating a multipart upload, you can send an Upload Part request to upload parts for the multipart upload using its uploadId. The Upload Part – Copy operation allows you to upload a part by copying data from an existing object as data source.

This operation makes server-side encryption available.

You cannot determine whether a request is executed successfully only using status_code in the header returned by HTTP.

If 200 in status_code is returned, the server has received the request and starts to process the request from the upload part. The body in the response shows whether the upload operation succeeds. The upload operation succeeds only when the body has ETags. Otherwise, the upload operation fails.

Copy the source object as part1. If part1 already exists before you copy the source object, the old part1 will be overwritten by the new part1.

After the source object is copied, only the latest part1 is listed. The old part1 will be deleted. Before using the copy interface, ensure that the target part does not exist or is useless to avoid incorrect data deletion.

During the copy process, the source object is not changed.

OBS Cold Objects

If source objects are OBS cold objects, check the restore status of the objects. You can copy the OBS cold objects only after the objects are restored. If the objects are not restored or are being restored, the copy fails, and error "403 Forbidden" is returned. The fault is described as follows:

ErrorCode: InvalidObjectState

ErrorMessage: Operation is not valid for the source object's storage class