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PUT Bucket website

You can use this operation to create or update the website configuration of a bucket.

OBS allows you to store static web page resources such as HTML web pages, flash files, video files, and audio files to a bucket. When a client accesses these resources from the website endpoint of the bucket, the browser can directly resolve and present the resources to the client. This operation can be used to:

  • Redirect all requests to a website endpoint.
  • Add routing rules that redirect specific requests.

Only users granted the s3:PutBucketWebsite permission can set the bucket website configuration. By default, only the bucket owner can set the bucket website configuration. The bucket owner can allow other users to set the bucket website configuration by granting them the permission. After the bucket website configuration is set, it will take effect within two minutes.


Avoid using periods (.) in the target bucket name. Otherwise, the client may fail to authenticate the certificate when you use HTTPS for access.