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APIs Compatibility

Currently, SFS provides only interfaces related to basic share provisioning, share capacity expansion/reduction, share access rules, quota management, and API version querying, as well as python-manilaclient commands corresponding to these interfaces. For details, see APIs Overview. SFS does not support commands not relating to preceding functions, such as commands about snapshots, share types, shared networks, and migration.

If you run commands that are not listed in APIs Overview for SFS, an error message will be displayed or an exception may occur during command execution.

In some manila commands provided by python-manilaclient, setting certain parameters may invoke interfaces that are not opened by SFS. If you run such commands with such parameters set, command execution will fail. For example, running the manila list --share-type default command will fail because SFS does not open the interface for querying the share type.

The latest version of manila APIs supported by current SFS is 2.28. For details about how to query the supported versions, see Querying All Major Versions. Therefore, in the latest version of python-manilaclient, some parameters requiring the version of manila APIs to be later than 2.28 are not supported by SFS. This document does not describe such parameters. For example, in python-manilaclient-1.23.0, the --count <True|False> parameter in the manila list command requires that the version of manila APIs must be 2.42 or later. As a result, SFS does not support --count <True|False> and this parameter is not described in this document.