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Change History

Changes between document issues are cumulative. The latest document issue contains all changes made in previous issues.

Release Date

What's New


Updated the following content:

Accepted in OTC 3.1.


Updated the following content:

  • Modified description of Software Compatibility in section "Before You Start."
  • Deleted the OS_CACERT parameter, added the MANILACLIENT_INSECURE parameter, and modified the example command.
  • Optimized parameter description and example command in section "File Sharing."
  • Modified the example code in section "Adding Share Access Rules."
  • Added parameter description in section "Querying a Quota."
  • Optimized description of interface usage in section "Capacity Expansion or Reduction."
  • Added sections "Software Compatibility" and "APIs Compatibility."


Updated the following content:

  • Added column Mandatory to the parameter description table in section "API Usage."
  • Added description and precautions in section "Creating a Shared File System."


Updated the following content:

  • Added version description in section "API Version Query."
  • Added metadata field description in section "File Sharing."
  • Optimized examples and description in section "Querying Mount Locations of a Shared File System."
  • Optimized parameter description in section "Adding a Share Access Rule."


This issue is the first official release.