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Before You Start


This document introduces the Scalable File Service (SFS) API, including its description, syntax, parameters, and examples. You can obtain the required information according to the following table.

Table 1 Introduction


Related Chapter

Learn about the SFS API components and API lists.

Chapter 2 Overview

Learn about how to call APIs.

Chapter 3 API Usage

Learn about how to use API commands.

Chapter 4 API Description

Required Knowledge

The python-manilaclient tool encapsulates the native Manila RESTful API. To use the manila commands provided by python-manilaclient, you need to master the basic concepts and knowledge of python-manilaclient. For details, go to https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-manilaclient.

Software Compatibility

Software Package


How to Obtain


Client for OpenStack Manila API

You are advised to use the latest version of python-manilaclient. Versions earlier than python-manilaclient-1.8.1 are not compatible. Some features, for example, ignoring the error status of existing access rules when adding a shared access rule, require python-manilaclient-1.12.0 or a later version.


This API reference document is written and tested based on the python-manilaclient-1.8.1 environment. Although later versions of python-manilaclient are compatible with earlier versions, some descriptions may vary in later versions. Therefore, when you use python-manilaclient of the latest version and find description differences, the newest description prevails.

The latest version of manila APIs supported by current SFS is 2.28. For details about how to query the supported versions, see Querying All Major Versions. Therefore, in the latest version of python-manilaclient, some parameters requiring the version of manila APIs to be later than 2.28 are not supported by SFS. This document does not describe such parameters. For example, in python-manilaclient-1.23.0, the --count <True|False> parameter in the manila list command requires that the version of manila APIs must be 2.42 or later. As a result, SFS does not support --count <True|False> and this parameter is not described in this document.