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DefCore Range

The DefCore Committee is established in the OpenStack community to determine the standards for API compatibility and interoperations (July, 2015).

DefCore certification is proposed by the OpenStack Foundation to members in the OpenStack ecosystem, aiming to certify the interoperability between different products and services in the OpenStack marketplace.

DefCore defines the common standard of OpenStack API compatibility, and also the minimum requirement. DefCore certification is classified into platform, compute, and object storage compatibility certification.

For customers, choosing a certificated cloud service provider enables them to migrate data and services across OpenStack platforms at no cost.

Open Telekom Cloud opens all APIs required by DefCore certification to be compatible with APIs in earlier OpenStack releases. Therefore, some SUPPORTED APIs are also included but will be discarded by the community gradually. For the concern of compatibility with public cloud APIs, APIs of the earlier OpenStack releases are replaced by those of the new releases.

The following table describes Glance APIs for showing image details.







Queries information about a single image.




Queries information about a single image.

This API belongs to the DefCore API, but is not recommended.

In addition to native OpenStack APIs, some other APIs are provided. APIs involved in the DefCore certification are a subset of OpenStack APIs and ensure the functions of core OpenStack service processes. To interconnect with more upper-layer systems to meet service requirements, Open Telekom Cloud opens more APIs.