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Restrictions from the Open Telekom Cloud

To provide reliable, secure, and high-performance public cloud services for users, Open Telekom Cloud enhances the OpenStack-based public cloud platform from the perspective of system architecture and deployment solution, and disables some APIs from being used by users.

For example, when you call the Nova API and specify an image to create a VM, by default, you need to download and install an image to the local storage of the compute node and use the image to create the system disks of the VM. For public cloud users, it means that the VM reliability is compromised. Once the physical host is faulty, the VM system data of users cannot be restored. To harden data security, Open Telekom Cloud uses the block storage technology to create VM disks. In this case, API parameters used by Nova to create VMs cannot be used in Open Telekom Cloud.







Creating a VM

Users cannot create VMs using a specified image.