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Compatibility Between Open Telekom Cloud API and Native OpenStack

As the OpenStack ecosystem is increasingly expanding, OpenStack APIs have become the de facto standard in cloud computing. Therefore, being compatible with OpenStack API standards has become a necessity for Open Telekom Cloud APIs.

Open Telekom Cloud selects and commercially enhances OpenStack APIs from the perspective of maturity, scenarios, and values.

Open Telekom Cloud is developed based on the OpenStack architecture, and is compatible with native OpenStack APIs, with the purpose of building a real open public cloud platform. Open Telekom Cloud takes customer requirements into account, and lets customers obtain the benefits of public cloud rather than bind customers. Open Telekom Cloud allows customers to easily migrate their data and applications to other cloud platforms that are compatible with OpenStack, meeting customers' service and strategy adjustment requirements.

Open Telekom Cloud APIs have passed the DefCore certification of the OpenStack community. In addition, tempest test cases for native OpenStack APIs are used to test API compatibility, ensuring the compatibility between Open Telekom Cloud APIs and native OpenStack APIs.

Open Telekom Cloud filters, extends, and enhances native OpenStack APIs based on the public cloud scenarios and project deployment, ensuring APIs to be compatible with native OpenStack APIs, meeting OpenStack community standards, and contributing extended APIs to the OpenStack community.