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Application Scenarios

CTS service management APIs are open to tenants. Tenants can create a tracker for provisioning the CTS service or manage the tracker through the API. Tenants can use the trace query API to query other cloud service operations generated within recent seven days. API Gateway controls whether CTS APIs are open to tenants, and tenants access CTS APIs through API Gateway. The following figure shows the CTS APIs.


API Gateway only checks parameter validity of APIs and does not convert models to ensure that Open Telekom Cloud APIs are compatible with native OpenStack APIs. However, Combined API encapsulates and enhances cloud service APIs. The enhanced APIs are independent of native OpenStack APIs and do not affect native OpenStack API compatibility.

API Gateway

API Gateway, as the access gateway for OpenStack APIs and Combined API, is in charge of external access control of API capabilities. For example:

  • API life cycle management (publish/unpublished)

    API Gateway controls whether APIs are published by API registration.

  • API flow control (throttling)

    For security purposes, the CTS service limits the total times users can call the open APIs within a specified period. The API flow control methods are as follows:

    • CTS controls the total calls to APIs based on their weights (system resource consumption). For example, the weight of VM creation or deletion is greater than that of VM query. Therefore, the control of the total calls to APIs is different.
    • Users can control the upper limit of calls made to all APIs within a specified period.
  • API monitoring and operation log

    To improve system security when users call CTS APIs and use the CTS service, API Gateway provides monitoring and operation logs to assist O&M and analysis. These logs are open to O&M personnel currently.

CTS API Description

  • CTS provides the following APIs for tracker management:
    • API for creating a tracker: Tenants can provision the CTS service by creating a tracker. During the service provisioning, the tenant must provide an OBS bucket and grant the CTS service the read and write permission on the OBS bucket.
    • API for modifying a tracker: Tenants can use this API to modify the OBS bucket of the tracker or store prefixes of trace files in the OBS bucket.
    • API for querying a tracker: Tenants can use this API to query tracker information, including the current tracker status (enableddisabled, or error). If the current tracker status is error, a detail field is provided to show exception causes.
    • API for deleting a tracker: Tenants can use this API to delete a tracker to stop using the CTS service.
  • CTS provides the following API for querying traces:

    API for querying the trace list: Tenants can use this API to query tracker operation records generated within recent seven days.