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Open Telekom Cloud Anti-DDoS API Overview

Open Telekom Cloud Anti-DDoS traffic cleaning service (Anti-DDoS for short) is a network security service that defends IP addresses against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Anti-DDoS monitors traffic to specified IP addresses in real time and detects access traffic at network egresses to discover DDoS attacks as soon as possible. It then cleans abnormal traffic based on user-configured defense policies without affecting services. In addition, it generates monitoring reports, which provide visibility into security situations of network traffic.

Anti-DDoS can:

  • Defend against the following attacks:

    SYN Flood, HTTP Flood, CC, slow connection, UDP Flood, ACK Flood, and TCP attacks

  • Monitor the traffic of a single IP address, including its current defense status, current defense parameter setting, traffic transmitted within 24 hours, and exceptions occurred within 24 hours.
  • Generate interception reports for all monitored IP addresses of a user. Statistics within four weeks can be queried, including defense traffic, number of attacks, and top 10 attacks.

The Anti-DDoS provides tenants with APIs for them to integrate into their own applications and therefore manage and use Anti-DDoS resources on the public cloud.