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Open Telekom Cloud CCE API Overview

CCE, which is built upon Kubernetes, Docker or other open-source container technologies, provides a wide range of container services, including container cluster management, application orchestration deployment, monitoring, automatic capacity expansion, and private image repository.

The CCE API service provided by Open Telekom Cloud enables enterprise users to use the CCE service by connecting tools to the service, improving O&M and deployment efficiency of container applications.

The CCE API service provides open APIs for external users through the Open Telekom Cloud API Gateway. All APIs comply with the RESTful interface specifications, are accessed through the HTTPS protocol, are compatible with the native APIs of the Kubernetes community, and provide the extended API invocation for extended cluster management.

Kubernetes is an open-source system for cross-host container management applications and provides application deployment, maintenance, expansion, and fault management capabilities.

Relationship between Open Telekom Cloud CCE and Kubernetes

Open Telekom Cloud CCE provides the following commercial enhancements based on Kubernetes:

  • Multi-cluster management
  • Container application life cycle management
  • Container application monitoring
  • Container application log management
  • Automatic capacity expansion and O&M
  • Container application templates and orchestration
  • Platform security hardening