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Open Telekom Cloud VPC API Overview

VPC allows you to provision a logically isolated virtual network environment that you define and manage for ECSs, improving security of resources in a public cloud and simplifying network deployment.

You can create security groups and VPNs, assign IP addresses, and specify bandwidth sizes in your VPC. This simplifies secure network management.

You can also customize the ECS access rules within a security group and between security groups to strengthen ECS security protection.

VPC allows you to:

  • Have full control over your virtual networks, for example, creating your own network.
  • Create security groups to improve your network security.
  • Assign elastic IP addresses (EIPs) for use in a VPC, and bind them to ECSs in your VPC to connect the ECSs to the Internet.
  • Use a VPN to connect a VPC to your physical data center for smooth application migration to the cloud.