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Open Telekom Cloud IMS API Overview

IMS provides easy-to-use self-service image management functions. You can apply for an ECS using a private, public, or shared image. You can also create a private image using an existing ECS or an external image file.

Image types

Image Type


Public image

Provides a standard OS image with preinstalled public applications to all users. You can configure the applications or software in the public image as needed.

Private image

Provides an OS with preinstalled public applications and users' private applications. It is available only to the user who creates it. Creating ECSs using private images reduces ECS configuration time. Private images can be created by using:

  • An ECS
  • External image files

    You can upload external image files and register the images with the public cloud platform to make them your private images. External image files can be in VMDK, VHD, QCOW2, or ZVHD format.

Shared image

Provides a private image shared by another public cloud user.