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API Gateway

API Gateway functions as the gateway of all service APIs. Specifically, all service APIs must be registered with API Gateway before they are accessible to end users.


API Gateway only checks parameter validity of APIs and does not convert models to ensure that Open Telekom Cloud APIs are compatible with native OpenStack APIs. However, Combined API encapsulates and enhances cloud service APIs. The enhanced APIs are independent of native OpenStack APIs and do not affect native OpenStack API compatibility.

API Gateway, as the access gateway for OpenStack APIs and Combined API, is in charge of external access control of API capabilities. For example:

  • API lifecycle management (publishing/unpublishing)

    Control whether APIs are published by API registration.

  • API flow control (throttling)

    In concern of system security, the following restrictions are applied when users invoke Open Telekom Cloud open APIs:

    • The total number of API calls is controlled based on their weights (system resource consumption). For example, the weight of APIs for VM creation and deletion is greater than that for VM query. Therefore, the limits on the number of these API calls are different.
    • Users configure the upper limit of the total number of API calls in a specified period.
  • API monitoring and operation logging (CTS)

    To improve user experience for invoking Open Telekom Cloud open APIs and harden system security, API Gateway provides O&M support and analysis (logs are open to only O&M personnel).