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Service Usage Method

API requests sent by third-party applications to RDS must be authenticated using signatures.

This chapter describes the overall method of using signatures and provides sample code to detail how to use the default signer to sign requests and how to use an HTTP client to send requests.

RDS provides RESTful APIs.

Representational State Transfer (REST) allocates Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to dispersed resources so that the resources can be located. Applications on clients use Unified Resource Locators (URLs) to obtain the resources.

The URL is in the following format: https://Endpoint/uri

Table 1 describes the parameters in a URL.

Table 1 Parameter description in a URL




Specifies the server name to be used.

To obtain the parameter value, see Regions and Endpoints.


Specifies the API access path for performing a specified operation.

Obtain this value from the URI of the API, for example, v3/auth/tokens.