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Redirection Description


In the Heat API, the stack ID consists of stack_name and stack_id. When the system calls APIs to access resources such as stacks, templates, events, and actions, if only stack_name is specified, Heat queries the stack_id value and returns a redirect response pointing to the correct URL. The following provides a request example:

GET /v1/95d02433133a4c0a87ba6967474a2ad3/stacks/HeatStack

After redirection, the actual request is as follows:

Location: http://x.x.x.x:8004/v1/95d02433133a4c0a87ba6967474a2ad3/stacks/HeatStack/c89c4bb3-96cb-4a55-aafa-076a7939a306

Redirect APIs

The APIs used in the following topics support redirection. When calling the following APIs to access stacks or templates, you can specify only stack_name or stack_id.