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Basic Workflow

Basic Neutron workflow includes creating networks, associating subnets with the networks, and connecting VMs to the networks. You can delete VMs, VM ports, and networks. When a network is deleted, its subnets will be deleted as well.

Provision Resources

  1. Create a network.
  2. Associate a subnet with the network.
  3. Create a router.
  4. Establish connection between the subnet and the router.
  5. Associate VMs with the network and configure security group rules.
  6. Create floating IP addresses and bind them to VMs.

Reclaim Resources

  1. Delete the float IP addresses.
  2. Delete the VMs and security group rules.
  3. Disconnect the subnet from the router.
  4. Delete the router.
  5. Delete all ports.
  6. Delete the network.


VMs can be created on a network only after the subnets of the network are connected to the router.