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AK and SK Generation

When you use an API gateway to send requests to underlying services, the requests are signed using the AK and SK.

  • AK: indicates the ID of the access key. AK is used together with SK to obtain an encrypted signature for a request.
  • SK: indicates the secret access key together used with the access key ID to sign requests. AK and SK can be used together to identify a request sender to prevent the request from being modified.


  1. Log in to the MapReduce Service management console.
  2. Click the username and choose My Credential from the drop-down list.
  1. Click Access Credentials.
  2. Click Add Access Key to switch to the Add Access Key page.
  3. Enter the password used for the current login.
  4. Enter the verification code received in the email.
    • For users created in Identity and Access Management (IAM), if no email address or mobile phone is filled during the user creation, you only need to authenticate the login password.
    • For MYWorkplace users, you do not need to authenticate the login password. If the email address or mobile phone information is unavailable, you can create an access password without the authentication code.
  5. Click OK to download the access key.

To prevent the access key from being leaked, keep it secure.