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API Overview

MRS provides self-developed APIs that are complied with RESTful API design specifications. For details, seeTable 1.

MRS provides MRS Manager APIs. For details, seeTable 2.

Table 1 REST API




Data Source APIs

Creating a Data Source

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/data-sources

Updating a Data Source

PUT /v1.1/{project_id}/data-sources/{data_source_id}

Querying the Data Source List

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/data-sources

Querying the Data Source Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/data-sources/{data_source_id}

Deleting a Data Source

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/data-sources/{data_source_id}

Cluster Management APIs

Creating a Cluster and Running a Job

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/run-job-flow

Resizing Nodes to a Cluster

PUT /v1.1/{project_id}/cluster_infos/{cluster_id}

Querying a Cluster List

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/cluster_infos

Viewing Cluster Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/cluster_infos/{cluster_id}

Terminating a Cluster

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}

Listing Cluster Hosts

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/hosts

Job Binary Object APIs

Creating a Job Binary Object

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/job-binaries

Updating a Job Binary Object

PUT /v1.1/{project_id}/job-binaries/{job_binary_id}

Querying the Binary Object List

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-binaries

Querying the Binary Object Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-binaries/{job_binary_id}

Deleting a Job Binary Object

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/job-binaries/{job_binary_id}

Job Object APIs

Adding a Job and Executing the Job

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs/submit-job

Creating a Job Object

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs

Updating a Job Object

PATCH /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}

Executing a Job Object

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}/execute

Querying the Job Object List

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs

Querying Job Object Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}

Querying the exe Object List of Jobs

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-exes

Querying exe Object Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-exes/{job_exe_id}

Deleting a Job Object

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}

Job Execution Object APIs

Querying the Job Execution Object List

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-executions

Querying Job Execution Object Details

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-executions/{job_execution_id}

Canceling Job Execution

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/job-executions/{job_execution_id}/cancel

Deleting a Job Execution Object

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/job-executions/{job_execution_id}

Auto Scaling APIs

Configuring an Auto Scaling Rule

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/autoscaling-policy/{cluster_id}

Tag Management APIs

Adding a Tag to a Specified Cluster

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/tags

Deleting a Tag of a Specified Cluster

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/tags/{key}

Querying Tags of a Specified Cluster

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/tags

Adding or Deleting Cluster Tags in Batches

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/tags/action

Querying All Tags

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/tags

Querying a List of Clusters with Tags

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/clusters/resource_instances/action

Table 2 MRS Manager API




MRS Manager CAS APIs

Logging In to the CAS

POST /cas/login

Logging Out of the CAS

POST /cas/logout

MRS Manager Web APIs

Checking the Login

GET /web/v1/access/login_check

Modifying the Password of the Current Login User

POST /web/v1/access/modify_self_password

Querying the Health Status of a Specified Cluster

GET /web/v1/cluster/{cluster_id}/status

Querying Basic Information About a Specified Cluster

GET /web/v1/clusters

Querying the Command Execution Progress

GET /web/v1/common/command/{command_id}/progress

Saving Configurations

POST /web/v1/config/cluster/{cluster_id}/save

Logging Out Of a Session

GET /web/v1/logout_action

Starting a Service

POST /web/v1/maintain/cluster/{cluster_id}/service/{service_name}/start

Stopping a Service

POST /web/v1/maintain/cluster/{cluster_id}/service/{service_name}/stop

Querying Monitoring Data

GET /web/v1/monitor/metrics_info

Querying Summary of a Specified Service

GET /web/v1/cluster/{cluster_id}/services/{service_name}