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API Overview

You can use the following DWS functions.




Cluster management APIs

Creating a Cluster

Creates a cluster.

Querying the Cluster List

Queries and displays the cluster list.

Querying Cluster Details

Queries cluster details.

Querying the Supported Node Types

Queries all node types supported by DWS.

Deleting a Cluster

Deletes a cluster.

Snapshot management APIs

Creating a Snapshot

Creates snapshots for a specified cluster.

Querying the Snapshot List

Queries the snapshot list.

Querying Snapshot Details

Uses the snapshot ID to query the snapshot details.

Deleting a Snapshot

Deletes a specified snapshot.

Restoring a Cluster

Restores a cluster using its snapshot.

Tag management APIs

Adding a Resource Tag

Adds tags to resources.

Adding or Deleting Resource Tags in Batches

Adds or deletes tags for a specified resource in batches.

Querying Resources by Tag

Queries resource instances that meet the specified tag filtering criteria.

Querying Resource Tags

Queries the tags of a specified resource.

Querying Tags in a Specified Project

Queries all tags of a tenant for a specified resource type in a specified project.

Deleting a Resource Tag

Deletes a resource tag.