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General Request Return Code

  • Normal
    Table 1 Return code for successful requests

    Returned Value



    Request succeeded.


    Request accepted.

  • Abnormal
    Table 2 Return code for failed requests

    Returned Value


    400 Bad Request

    The server fails to process the request.

    401 Unauthorized

    You must enter the username and password to access the requested page.

    403 Forbidden

    You are forbidden to access the requested page.

    404 Not Found

    The server cannot find the requested page.

    405 Method Not Allowed

    You are not allowed to use the method specified in the request.

    406 Not Acceptable

    The response generated by the server is not acceptable to the client.

    407 Proxy Authentication Required

    You must use the proxy server for authentication.

    408 Request Timeout

    The request is timed out.

    409 Conflict

    The request cannot be processed due to a conflict.

    413 Payload Too Large

    The request is too large.

    500 internal Server Error

    The request fails because the server is abnormal.

    501 Not Implemented

    The request fails because the server does not support the requested function.

    502 Bad Gateway

    The request fails because the returned response is invalid.

    503 Service Unavailable

    The request fails because the system is abnormal.

    504 Gateway Timeout

    Gateway times out.