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Sample Code

The following sample code shows how to sign a request and use an HTTP client to send an HTTPS request: Sample code is divided into three categories to demonstrate request signing and HTTP request sending.
  • AccessService: indicates the abstract category that converts the GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods into the access method.
  • Demo: indicates the execution entry used to simulate GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE request sending.
  • AccessServiceImpl: indicates the implementation of the access method. Code required for API gateway communication is in the access method.

Download sample code package SdkDemo.zip from https://apig-demo.obs.eu-de.otc.t-systems.com/java/SdkDemo.zip.

Decompress the package to obtain the following files in SdkDemo\src\main\java\com\cloud\apigateway\sdk\demo:
  • AccessService.java
  • Demo.java
  • AccessServiceImpl.java

For details about region and serviceName in the sample code, see Regions and Endpoints.

  1. Parameters URI, AK, SK, and HTTP METHOD are mandatory.
  2. You can use request.addHeader() to add header information.