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API Overview

The DIS API is a self-developed API that complies with REST API design specifications. DIS provides the functions listed in Table 1 through the DIS API.

Table 1 API functions




Stream management

Creating a DIS Stream

POST /v2/{project_id}/streams

Deleting a DIS Stream

POST /v2/{project_id}/streams

Listing DIS Streams

GET /v2/{project_id}/streams

Viewing Details of a DIS Stream

GET /v2/{project_id}/streams/{stream_name}

Data management

Putting Data into a DIS Stream

POST /v2/{project_id}/records

Pulling Data from a DIS Stream

GET /v2/{project_id}/records{?partition-cursor}

Obtaining a Cursor

GET /v2/{project_id}/cursors{?stream-name,partition-id,cursor-type,starting-sequence-number}

Program management

Creating a Consumer Application

POST /v2/{project_id}/apps

Deleting a Consumer Application

DELETE /v2/{project_id}/apps/{app_name}

Checkpoint management

Adding a Checkpoint

POST /v2/{project_id}/checkpoints

Querying a Checkpoint

GET /v2/{project_id}/checkpoints{?stream_name,partition_id,app_name,checkpoint_type}

Tag management

Adding a Tag to a Specified Stream

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/{stream_id}/tags

Deleting a Tag of a Specified Stream

DELETE /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/{stream_id}/tags/{key}

Querying a Tag of a Specified Stream

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/{stream_id}/tags

Adding or Deleting Stream Tags in Batches

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/{stream_id}/tags/action

Querying All Tags

GET /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/tags

Querying a List of Streams with Specified Tags

POST /v1.1/{project_id}/stream/resource_instances/action