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Obtaining Cluster UUID

Each user can create a maximum of two container clusters. Clusters are differentiated by their UUID. Except the API used for Obtaining Information About All Clusters, other APIs must have their request message headers convey a cluster UUID.


  • A cluster and cluster nodes have been created on the CCE console.
  • Authentication credentials of the public cloud have been obtained.

    For details, see Authenticating Requests.


  1. Construct a request method using information about all clusters and initiate a request.

    For details, see Obtaining Information About All Clusters.

  2. From the response message body corresponding to the request method, obtain the UUID of the cluster with the specified name.

    For details about a response message body, see Response.

    In the example below, the UUID of the cluster named NewCluster is 31e39cf1-0792-4504-bb71-16c56bdd59c5.

        "clusters": [
                "kind": "cluster",
                "apiVersion": "v1",
                "metadata": {
                    "name": "NewCluster",
                    "uuid": "31e39cf1-0792-4504-bb71-16c56bdd59c5",
                    "spaceuuid": "ac7fbe69-d7ae-7e3c-897d-41d23386ef9b",
                    "createAt": "2016-08-01 10:11:02.139235173 +0000 UTC",
                    "updateAt": "2016-08-03 08:02:54.710201743 +0000 UTC"