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API Calling

The process for calling an API is as follows:

  1. (Optional) Perform preparations before calling an API.

    If the following operations have been performed, skip this step.

    1. Uploading an AK/SK File
    2. Creating a VPC
    3. Creating a Key Pair
  2. Create a container cluster.

    Before you call an API, create a container cluster and add cluster nodes on the CCE console.

  3. Obtain request authentication information.

    Before you call an API, obtain request authentication information and add it to the message header. For details, see Authenticating Requests.

  4. Obtain the cluster UUID.

    Before you call an API, obtain the UUID of a container cluster (see Obtaining Information About All Clusters) and add it to the message header.

  5. Construct a request.

    Different methods are created by using different request parameters. For details, see Constructing Requests.

  6. Initiate the request.

    For details, see Initiating Requests.

  7. Parse the response message.

    For details, see Parsing Responses.