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Parsing Responses

After receiving a request, the server will return an HTTP response.

A response consists of three parts: status line, response header, and response body.

Status Line

The format of a status line is as follows:

HTTP-Version Status-Code Reason-Phrase CRLF
  • HTTP-Version: version of the HTTP protocol used by the server.
  • Status-Code: status code in the response returned by the server.

    A status code consists of three digits. The first digit defines the category of a response. There are five categories:

    • 1xx: informational response, indicating that the request has been received and the recipient is continuing to process the request.
    • 2xx: success response, indicating that the request has been received, understood, and accepted.
    • 3xx: redirection response, indicating that further action needs to be taken by the requester in order to complete the request.
    • 4xx: client error response, indicating that the request contains a syntax error or cannot be fulfilled.
    • 5xx: server error response, indicating that the server fails to fulfill a valid request.
  • Reason-Phrase: text description of the status code.

Response Header

In most cases, a response header carries the following header fields:

Table 1 Standard HTTP response headers





Date and time when the response was sent.

The format of the date and time is defined in RFC 822.

Mon, 12 Nov 2007 15:55:01 GMT


Software information that the server uses to process requests.



Length of the response body in octets.



Media type of the response body sent to the recipient.


Response Body

A response body is JSON text. The content of a response body is UTF-8 coded.