What Can I Do If Switching from a Non-root User to User root Times Out?


When you run the sudo command to switch to user root on an Ubuntu or Debian ECS, the system prompts connection timeout.

**Figure 1** Connection timeout

Figure 1 Connection timeout


  1. Log in to the ECS.

  2. Run the following command to edit the hosts configuration file:

    vi /etc/hosts

  3. Press i to enter editing mode.

  4. Add the IP address and hostname to the last line of the hosts configuration file.

    Private IP address hostname

    An example is provided as follows:

    If the ECS hostname is hostname and the private IP address of the ECS is, add the following statement: hostname

  5. Press Esc to exit editing mode.

  6. Run the following command to save the configuration and exit:



To update the hostname of an Ubuntu or Debian ECS, set the value of parameter manage_etc_hosts in the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg file to false and update the new hostname in the /etc/hosts file. When editing the /etc/hosts file, do not delete the statement in the line where is located. Otherwise, switching from a non-root user to user root will time out.