Creating an Image


You can use an existing ECS to create a system disk image, data disk image, and full-ECS image.

  • System disk image: contains an OS and application software for running services. You can use a system disk image to create ECSs and migrate your services to the cloud.

  • Data disk image: contains only service data. You can create a data disk image from an ECS data disk. You can also use a data disk image to create EVS disks and migrate your service data to the cloud.

  • Full-ECS image: contains all the data of an ECS, including the data on the data disks attached to the ECS. A full-ECS image can be used to rapidly create ECSs with service data.

You can use a private image to change the OS. For instructions about how to create a private image, see Image Management Service User Guide.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Click image1 in the upper left corner and select your region and project.

  3. Under Computing, click Elastic Cloud Server.

  4. Locate the row containing the target ECS and choose More > Manage Image/Backup > Create Image in the Operation column.

  5. Configure the following information:

    Table 1 and Table 2 list the parameters in the Image Type and Source and Image Information areas, respectively.

    Table 1 Image type and source




    Select Create Image.


    Select a region close to your business.

    Image Type

    Select System disk image.


    Click the ECS tab and select an ECS with required configurations.

    Table 2 Image information




    This parameter specifies whether the image will be encrypted. The value is provided by the system and cannot be changed.

    • Only an unencrypted private image can be created from an unencrypted ECS.

    • Only an encrypted private image can be created from an encrypted ECS.


    Set a name for the image.

    Enterprise Project

    Select an enterprise project from the drop-down list. This parameter is available only if you have enabled enterprise projects or your account is an enterprise account. To enable this function, contact your customer manager.

    An enterprise project provides central management of cloud resources on a project.


    (Optional) Set a tag key and a tag value for the image to make identification and management of your images easier.


    (Optional) Enter a description of the image.

  6. Click Create Now.