Why Can I Remotely Access an ECS But Cannot Ping It?


You can remotely access an ECS but when you ping the EIP bound to the ECS, the ping operation fails.

Possible Causes

A desired inbound rule is not added for the security group, and ICMP is not enabled.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Under Computing, click Elastic Cloud Server.

  3. On the Elastic Cloud Server page, click the name of the target ECS.

    The page providing details about the ECS is displayed.

  4. Click the Security Groups tab, expand the information of the security group, and click the security group ID.

  5. On the Inbound Rules tab of the Security Group page, click Add Rule.

  6. Add an inbound rule for the security group and enable ICMP.

    • Protocol: ICMP

    • Source: IP address