Why Is My Remote Session Interrupted by a Protocol Error?


An error message is displayed indicating that the remote session will be disconnected because of a protocol error.

**Figure 1** Protocol error

Figure 1 Protocol error

Possible Causes

The registry subkey Certificate is damaged.


  1. In the Run dialog box, enter regedit and click OK to open the registry editor.

    **Figure 2** Opening the registry editor

    Figure 2 Opening the registry editor

  2. Choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 > Control > Terminal Server > RCM.

  3. Delete Certificate.

    **Figure 3** Deleting Certificate

    Figure 3 Deleting Certificate

  4. Restart the ECS.

  5. Choose Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.

    **Figure 4** Opening Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration

    Figure 4 Opening Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration

  6. Right-click RDP-Tcp and choose Properties. In the displayed dialog box, click General and set Security layer to RDP Security Layer.

    **Figure 5** RDP-Tcp properties

    Figure 5 RDP-Tcp properties