Why Does the System Display Error Code 0x112f When I Log In to a Windows ECS?


When you log in to a Windows ECS, the system displays error code 0x112f.

**Figure 1** Error message (code: 0x112f)

Figure 1 Error message (code: 0x112f)

Possible Causes

The ECS memory is insufficient.


  • Method 1 (recommended)

    Modify the ECS specifications to increase the vCPUs and memory size. For instructions about how to modify ECS specifications, see General Operations.

  • Method 2

    Enable virtual memory on the ECS to obtain its idle memory.

    For instructions about how to enable virtual memory, see How Can I Enable Virtual Memory on a Windows ECS?


    This method will deteriorate the disk I/O performance. Therefore, use this method only when necessary.